Notes from Territorial Governors Meeting

  • I was at the subject meeting, with approximately 50 – 60 T.G.’s in attendance. Below are
    my notes, to the best of my recollection. Any questions, please contact the undersigned.
    Blackjack Zak was the main moderator, with input from Misty Moonshine, and Tex provided
    additional input.
    `Cargo’ pants are not allowed in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting matches.
    Misty Moonshine is working on combining all three documents; Shooter’s Handbook,
    ROI Course, & ROII Course, into one document. It should be completed in six to eight
    There are no cartridge loops allowed on rifle or shotgun leather butt pads. (This has been
    common knowledge for years; don’t know this was even brought up.) Also, no shotgun
    shell loops allowed on revolver holsters.
    It has been suggested that local clubs allow new shooters to use .22 caliber revolvers and
    rifles to start with, to see if they would be interested in continuing Cowboy Action
    Shooting. Duration of time allowed to do this would be determined by individual SASS
    Affiliated Clubs. If an individual decides they want to continue, they would then have to
    procure calibers of firearms commensurate with SASS rules. One Club stated that they
    have .22 caliber pistols and rifles for new shooters to use. It was suggested that it would
    cost approximately $1,000.00 for .22 calibers firearms, versus $3,000.00 for larger caliber
    The question was, are shooters allowed to lay fired revolvers down, on a prop or table
    after firing, during a match? SASS is alright with that, as long as the shooter re-holsters
    their pistols before moving on to the next firearm evolution in a scenario.
    SASS is going to start sending out monthly R.O. information e-mails to R.O.’s.
    T.G.’s need to do a better job communicating with their local SASS Clubs.
    Apparently some SASS club members are not happy with the category title of `Grand
    Dame’. Other suggestions were Grand Patrone, and/or La Patrona. They said this was
    voted on at the last T.G. Meeting, at the 13th SASS Convention, to leave it as it currently
    is. If there are still concerns, please forward them up the chain of command.
  • It was announced that the Cimarron revolver, `Rooster Shooter’, is now SASS legal. In
    the past, it was not allowed by SASS because of the `minor’ finger groves on the left
    inside of the grips. It has been decided by SASS that is now legal for SASS matches. (I
    guess that means that I will now have to buy a matching pair!)
    These were the main presentation issues, and then the floor was opened up for new
    business/discussion items:
    – When is a revolver actually holstered? When the hand leaves the revolver.
    – During a match, `SASS default’ is defined as a shooter standing straight up, with hands at
    sides. Not hunched over, hovering over firearms.
    A question was raised by a T.G. about shooters not complying with SASS rules regarding
    Classic Cowboy, and B Western requirements. The gentleman said that shooters shoot an
    entire match, had not complied with the rules, and then received an award at the end of
    the match. SASS says local matches need to verify requirements. (At Winter Range, I
    noted that Classic Cowboy shooters were required to go to have their attire checked,
    before competing. I do not know about the B Western category, as there was nobody in
    that category in our posse.)
    With my Compliments,
    Reuben J Cogburn
    SASS Patron # 63378
    Dulzura Desperados 2017 Territorial Governor

    SASS Territorial Governor Meeting Minutes taken at the Western Regional Match

    (Notes taken by TG Alpine Lil)

    SASS Western Regional Match

    Chorro Valley, CA

    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    Those in attendance:

    Misty Moonshine, SASS CEO

    Amber Oakley, SASS Member Services Representative

    Blackjack Zak, Winter Range ROC

    Hipshot, TG

    Allie Mo, TG

    Ace of Hearts, TG

    Jittery Jim Jonah, TG

    Salinas Cowboy, TG

    Larsen E. Pettifogger, TG

    Tumbleweed Pete, TG

    Mattel Sackett, TG

    El Lazo, TG

    Beartrap, TG

    Alpine Lil, TG

     Meeting began with TG Hipshot’s review of 2016 EOT TG Meeting Minutes.  Discussion included “faulted position” and the final responsibility being that of the shooter.  There was also agreement that the T/O should bring it to the shooters attention, should they take a “crouched” position when the defaulted position of “Standing Upright” is expected.

    There was also a discussion at EOT regarding changing shooting style in the middle of the pistol string, example: changing from duelist to gunfighter.  This can happen legally, only if the second gun is not yet cocked.  It was felt that this needed to be put on the Wire to clarify using “both guns” in two different shooting styles.

    Misty Moonshine discussed the need to have one single place where we can all find rule clarifications rather than going thru the archives on the Wire.  There’s a need to organize clarifications so that it’s easily “searched’.  All were in agreement at this meeting.

    Blackjack Zac raised a question to the group regarding future Winter Range Matches:  “Clearly, SASS matches, be they local or higher up, seem to be moving targets in closer, as well as using bigger rather than smaller targets.  There appears to be a trend for “closer and bigger”. At Winter Range, there has been a tendency to have a mix of closer and farther out targets, as well as bigger and smaller targets. The question is, “Should Winter Range start following the trend of “closer and bigger” or keep a mix?

    The discussion included the issue of “splatter” which is generally the cause of worn out metal targets rather than distance.  With regard to changing WR trend, there was general agreement to keep the targets size and location, status quo, some bigger, small smaller, some closer and some farther out.

    Blackjack Zac indicated that following the 2017 WR match, the organizer will probably sent out a questionnaire that would have more specific questions about targets as well as future shooting categories.  There was a lengthy discussion about the cost per category (re: 1st-5th place trophies and 1st-10th place belt buckles). WR in not for profit, thus if WR were to have more categories, they would need to have fewer awards per category, to avoid raising the cost for shooters. The current budget is about $37,000 for trophies.

    Suggestions made by the group at this meeting should additional shooting categories be added:  1) consider a smaller number of winners for categories rather than ten; 2) reduce the quality of the awards; 3) combine categories if too few shooters register for a particular category (example:  only two shooters register for “Senior Duelist”, move those two shooters down to “Duelist”).

    Misty reminded the group that smaller matches have flexibility with this issue. SASS does not require matches have a certain number of shooters in any category. It is very hard to move shooters at large matches like EOT and WR, to other categories when there are few in number registered for a category. The point was well taken by the TGs, knowing that trophies and belt buckles had to be ordered well in advance.

    Blackjack Zac and Misty Moonshine thanked everyone for their input and the meeting ended on that note.

    The following information was forwarded by Alpine Lil from the TG Meeting held during EOT.

    “         Hats: Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl and B-Western (ladies and men) are required to wear hats on their heads, not hanging by a stampede from your string or anywhere else. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

    • Carrying of shot shell ammo: Cannot carry ammo on holsters for later use. It is considered illegally acquired ammo. (Allie’s note: It is okay to carry shot shell ammo on the holster belt, just not on the holster itself. The Dixie Bell rig has pistol/rifle loops on the top of the holster; those are treated  like a slide and are legal as are pistol/rifle loops on the holster. This was a question someone asked me and PWB answered me privately.)

    o   SHB, p. 22, (Range Operations): “The penalty for using “illegally acquired” ammunition (i.e., NOT carried to the line/staged by the shooter in an approved manner) is a PROCEDURAL. Any targets hit using that ammo are scored as MISSES.” (Allie’s note: when the rifle is  overloaded, say 10 on a 9 round scenario, the 10th round is the illegal round. For example, if the shooter jacks out any round other than the 10th, if that 10th is used, it is illegal and would result in a P + a miss. )

    • Starting in a faulted position: ROI, p. 6, 5.f. (Timer Operator): “The Timer Operator never starts a competitor in a faulted position or location. It is not considered a faulted position or location for allowing a shooter to start without appropriately loaded guns or available ammunition on their person.”  The decision has been made and a clarification will be addressed in the ROI handbook that failure on the shooter to start in the correct starting position or location will be scored a Procedural, not a reshoot.

    o   Example of firearm in hands: If the starting position is with a firearm in hands and the shooter starts with the firearm on the table, then it is scored as a Procedural, not a reshoot. Just because the shooter picks up the firearm after the beep, it is not considered corrected. (Allie’s note: about the shooter forgetting to load a gun, a previous clarification prohibits leaving the line to get ammo once the first shot is fired. Also, Allie forgot to load her rifle last week. A quick-thinking TO saved me 8 of 10 misses by asking if I had spares on me, which I did. Thank you! )

    • Safety checks:Unloading table officers should check that they can see the follower to ensure there is no ammo in the magazine (rifle and shotguns). Look for rounds in the magazine and have shooter work the action of a ’97. (Allie’s note: I’ve mentioned this before and people rarely do it. I’d given up mentioning it. However, given this clarification, please start doing so as the appropriate penalty is a SDQ for failure to follow LT/ULT procedures. Following is the long-standing rule, from p.9 of the ROI. “At the Unloading Table, competitors shall unload each of their firearms, and the Unloading Officer must visually inspect all chambers to make sure they are empty. Rifles and shotguns are cycled to verify their magazines are empty.” That means you must cycle your ‘87 SG too.)
    • Standing upright:If shooter is to start with hands on hat or other stance, they must remain standing upright until after the beep, unless stage instructions indicate otherwise.

    o   Example: Just because the scenario states to point 1 hand downrange does not mean the shooter can have the other hand on the gun or  bend down over the gun, unless stage instructions state otherwise. The other hand must be at SASS default, at side not touching guns and shooter must be standing upright.

    • B-Western pistol style:B-Western shooters can change their pistol shooting style in the middle of the pistol string. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

    o   Example: Shooter can start shooting gunfighter for 5 rounds, place pistols on table to shoot a long gun and then shoot each gun in a traditional style.

    • Wild Bunch:Shooters can shoot Henry Big Boy rifles now.


    The following is a report of the 13th SASS Conference. If anyone has any questions they can contact me directly. Hashknife Willie  SASS (Life) 59308 Dulzura Desperados Territorial Governor/ROIII *************************************************************************************************************** Below is my best attempt at taking minutes with old fingers and bad ears.  It starts off in reverse order with the voting results.

    Item 5, the Stage/Match DQ for failure to adhere to the command of “cease fire” was removed from the agenda.  It was universally accepted that when a shooter willfully continues to shoot after the command “cease fire” they should be done for the day.  Wording, in a clarification, will add verbiage to that effect.  There is no change in the match DQ, but the additional verbiage will describe willful or a deliberate refusal to cease fire. Changes will become effective on Monday, December 7, 2015

    RESULTS To pass, an item must receive 66% of the votes For. Less than 66% and more than 50%, means the item failed but can be re-introduced and the next TG Summit as an agenda item.

    1) Should the rules be changed to allow the inclusion of “sub-gauge” shotguns such as 28 and 32 gauge for Buckaroos/Buckarettes? For 99.63%   Against .037   Abstain 00.0%   PASS

    2) Should the MSV for retrieval of dropped/ejected ammo be deleted? For 88.56%   Against 11.07%  Abstain .37%  PASS

    3) Should the equipment regulations for GUNFIGHTER-style shooters be changed to allow the “butt forward” carry/Cavalry “twist” draw? For 83.76%   Against 16.24%   Abstain 00.0%  PASS

    4) Should the penalty for not holstering revolvers at the end of the revolver shooting string be changed from a MSV to a Procedural penalty? For 85.61%  Against 14.39%   Abstain 00.0%  PASS

    MINUTES SASS December 2015 TG Summit Agenda Thursday December 3, 2015 11:00 AM

    Welcome by Hipshot Hipshot welcomed Blackjack Zak as the moderator for the 2015 TG meeting. Opening comments from Blackjack Zak. New TG’s were welcomed and asked to stand and introduce themselves. Today we will run through the voting items. Next will be the discussion items today and Friday. Saturday will be the votes. If there is an issue for the meeting on Saturday we will try to work around. This is plan A and if needed we will make a plan B. RO Committee was introduced.

    Agenda Item 1 Should the rules be changed to allow the inclusion of “sub-gauge” shotguns such as 28 and 32 gauge for Buckaroos/Buckarettes? The ROC recommends a “YES” vote. TG Discussion: There was no discussion and it appears everyone was in agreement.

    Agenda Item 2 Should the MSV for retrieval of dropped/ejected ammo be deleted? Discussion points: Under the current rules, a shooter may stage ammo (including ON THE GROUND) for later retrieval during the stage. There is NO DIFFERENCE between reaching for rounds that have been staged purposely and rounds that land on a table after having been dropped or ejected? One still has to maintain muzzle control while reaching for the rounds in either case. As a side note, WBAS rules have allowed retrieval of dropped ammo/magazines for the past 6+ years with NO SAFETY violations for muzzle break or dropped firearms while doing so. The ROC believes that retrieval of dropped ejected rounds can be done safely, and if the muzzle breaks the 170 degree, we already have rules in place to assess a penalty. The ROC recommends a “yes” vote. A “yes” vote would remove ALL REFERENCES to “dropped/ejected ammo” from the rule books and associated clarifications (also the Lazarus Rule). TG Discussion: There was concern with picking up rounds “off the ground.” It was suggested that the only people that would pick up a round from the ground would be a new shooter, or a shooter that was out of ammo. There are rules already in place for violating the 170. It is safe to stage shot shells on the table so why is it illegal or unsafe to pick up a round that is dropped onto the table. There are already sufficient rules to cover the safety aspects when picking up a dropped round. Additional discussion on making the rule stipulate that you cannot pick up rounds that are on the ground (are where you are standing). It was brought up that dropped rounds can be retrieved safely no matter where they are. It was mentioned that if an individual club wanted to keep a dropped round rule, they can do that.

    Agenda Item 3 Should the equipment regulations for GUNFIGHTER-style shooters be changed to allow the “butt forward” carry/Cavalry “twist” draw? The butt forward drawing/holstering method is currently allowed for all other shooting styles in SASS. The primary objection has been that the T/O cannot see both revolvers at the same time. This is true whether carrying/drawing butt-forward or from “two standard holsters” (current rule). Spotters are assigned to watch for any safety issues that the T/O might not be in position to observe. If a shooter is unable to SAFELY use this method, they WILL BE penalized by the safety rules currently in place. Moreover, canted holsters do NOT create an issue with this rule change, as the same restrictions against breaking the 180º apply to ALL HOLSTERS and METHODS of DRAW/REHOLSTER. We should reiterate that the “straight hang” allowance applies to ALL types/styles of holsters, from canted double strong side to X-draw, to shoulder/Huckleberry rigs. As long as the muzzle of a revolver goes from the straight down 180º as it clears leather; then immediately into the DOWNRANGE 170º (and vice versa on the return) the shooter is OK. There are videos available showing other SAFE methods. The ROC recommends a “YES” vote. TG Discussion: It was felt that this was the same as number 2, a rule to prevent breaking a rule. Straw poll showed about 30% against the rule. I demo was given on how it is supposed to be done safety. Cross draws would not be allowed with this rule. It was also mentioned that all other categories can do this but only gunfighter has been banned from using this method. The rule was instigated in the early days when those shooting gunfighter had little experience.

    Agenda Item 4 Should the penalty for not holstering revolvers at the end of the revolver shooting string be changed from a MSV to a Procedural penalty? Discussion points: Currently the SASS Stage Convention is: Revolvers must be holstered at the end of the shooting string unless otherwise stated in the stage description. The ROC believes that failure to re-holster at the end of the revolver strong is NOT SAFETY issue. Changing the penalty from a MSV to a “Procedural” penalty is far more appropriate and more in keeping with the “type” of penalty. There are some “unintended consequences” which need to be considered: A shooter could already have one “P” on the stage for some other reason, and then NOT re-holster to save time, knowing that only one “P” may be assessed. If it can be determined that the shooter did so on purpose for a competitive advantage (e.g. to make up some of the time penalty for the initial “P”), then a “Spirit of the Game” penalty could be assessed. This is a situation that is correctable on the clock before the next gun is fired. The ROC recommends a “YES” vote. TG Discussion: The ROC believes this is not a safety procedural but a procedure issue. The Spirit of the Game penalty could be used for someone that already had a procedural and did not holster to save time. No other discussion.

    Agenda Item 5 Should the penalty regarding a shooter NOT complying with the CRO/TO commands of “cease fire” or “stop” while on the firing line be changed from a Match DQ to a Stage DQ? Discussion points: Currently the rule for a shooter not complying with the commands of the CRO/TO is a MDQ. There is a perception that this rule is rather harsh for the first offense, and that a SDQ is more appropriate. The ROC recommends a “YES” vote. TG Discussion: After much discussion it was felt that the whole concept on this item was not addressing the problem. The situation really describes a shooter that intentionally violates the cease fire command. Nobody would penalize a shooter who did not hear the command cease fire. So there is no need to make it a lesser DQ. It should be addressing the intentional failure to stop whe a cease fire is called. It was universally felt that any shooter that willingly failed to respond to a cease fire call should be match DQ’d and sent home. The RO Committee will review this after the meeting adjourns and will either reword the item, table it, or add verbiage to the clarifications to include “Willfully” failed to adhere to a cease fire call.

    ADDITIONAL (Non-Voting) DISCUSSION ITEMS : These items may become agenda items at future TG Meetings.

    1) Shall we consider a change to the maximum number of “P”s per stage to two…or one per gun/type of firearm. Also, should we reclassify “P”s for “stage/target engagement” issues vs “out of category” progressive penalties. Discussion points: This might alleviate the problem of some shooters committing multiple “P” violations, knowing they can only receive one. Many times this would be an SOG situation, but proving intent can be problematic; besides the reluctance on the part of most T/Os in assessing the additional 30-second penalty. TG Discussion: Views on both sides for and against multiple procedurals. I was felt if we enforced the Spirit of the Game penalty, when a shooter knows they have a P, dumps or shoots an easier target sequence because they will not get another procedural. Some felt this would over penalize a shooter that just got confused. Straw poll showed most felt that one P was adequate. It was also felt that an additional P could be received if shooting out of category.

    2) NON-SASS matches sometimes allow NON-SASS legal firearms. Clubs advertising as “SASS-affiliated” need to follow SASS rules. Discussion points: Example would be a club that allows “new shooters” to compete in monthly match settings with DA revolvers, hammerless pump shotguns (e.g. 870) and other “illegal” equipment. Those wishing to “try out” the stages with other types of firearms should do so outside of the actual match environment. TG Discussion: If you advertise SASS Rules used, that is what you should do. Some felt that it should be permissible to allow a new shooter some leeway with firearms if they do not have the proper firearms yet. Example, 870 shotgun or double action pistols. Some felt that strict rules should be state level and above but monthly matches should be free to allow new shooters flexibility on firearms until they obtain the SASS firearms.

    3) The wearing of “logo’d” outerwear during inclement weather (up to, but not ON the stage), particularly during cold/wet seasons. TG Discussion: In severe weather, it was mentioned that a logo should not prevent a shooter from shooting the stage. Others shoot until they come to the firing line. Consensus was not while shooting, all other times are OK.

    4) Suggestion from some TGs regarding attendance at the TG Summit. Should a TG be “present to vote”? Discussion points: Territorial Governors carrying proxy votes should either ask the clubs they’re representing if and under what circumstances (e.g. specific amendments) they may change the club vote. TGs should also be given that same leeway by the clubs they represent directly if they can be convinced through additional information that an agenda item would be for the betterment of the sport. TG Discussion: Most felt the TG need not be present to vote. There were 556 clubs that were not represented. We should not make it difficult for clubs to vote.

    5) Should the RO1 Course materials be amended to disallow CRO/TOs running the timer for family members? Considerations: Some family members, especially Buckaroo/ettes benefit from having a family member running the timer. Better able to coach through any problems due to familiarity with equipment. Same applies to spouses and offspring. Just as much, if not more, “buddy posse” cheating than among family members. Positives outweigh the negatives of having family members run the timer. Issues: “fortuitous interference” and “re-shoots” should be “peer pressure” regulating. Some smaller clubs have a limited number of qualified T/Os. TG Discussion: Overwhelming NO.

    6) Should the “B” Western rules be amended to allow “any SASS-legal rifle”? We need to hear from the BW shooters. ROC recommendation to “leave BW rules alone”. TG Discussion: Again overwhelming NO. However some felt it was preventing some others from shooting the B Western Category. Without the gun restriction, B western would just be a costume contest.

    7) Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl: rifle (all firearms) cutoff change to 1880. Discussion points: This would allow the TTN 1878 Colt SxS hammer gun but NOT the 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun in the category. Would also disallow the Remington 1890 revolver, and other models of a later date. We need to hear from Classics on these issues? TG Discussion: Overwhelming NO.

    8) Should chaps and spurs be MANDATORY in the “Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl” category? Considerations: heat issues in some parts of the country. Also how do we apply this to Classic Cowgirls? TG Discussion: Most felt it was OK like it was. Some felt real cowboys walked around with chaps, spurs, gloves and bandanna. There was no question the you “Looked Cowboy” when you wear chaps and spurs. There are different visions as to what a classic cowboy wore. Making chaps and spurs mandatory was not proper. The number of items required is sufficient to create the classic look. Consensus was to leave it alone.

    9) Should Territorial Governors (TG’s) be required to take a Mandatory RO I and/or RO II refresher at least every two (2) years? TG’s are charged with providing up-to-date info on rule/policy changes & clarifications to their respective club members, as per the Description of Duties listed on the SASS website. As such, they should be knowledgeable in regard to all SASS rules and clarifications. TG Discussion: Some wanted to add match directors to this requirement along with the TG’s. It was mentioned that TG’s should be ROI and Match Directors up to ROII refresher requirements. It was mentioned that we should consider getting more instructors because it is difficult in some areas to get the training. Question, are we going to require ROII Instructors to be re-certified? The overall concern was many, in charge of matches, do not know the rules.

    10) Rank point scoring. Discussion about rank point or total time scoring. It was mentioned that the match directors should have the choice to select which type of scoring to use for all match levels. Some felt that rank point scoring was a way to insure the fastest shooter does not win. Rank point scoring was good in the early days to even out the differences with different firearms and different stage designs. Some felt that rank point, by category, was OK. Rank point by category would eliminate an overall winner in a match.

    Meeting adjourn; 02:10 PM Friday, 12-04-15 Voting ballots were handed out. Votes will be tabulated today with results available Saturday evening. Minutes of the summit and voting results will be placed on the TG Wire by 9:00 PM tonight.

    Misty Moonshine addressed the group about future summits. She explained that attendance for Conventions has been down and SASS, from a business sense, cannot afford to lose money to hold the convention. Additional meetings with the Wild Bunch will decide what to do in the future. The question is what happens to the TG Summit if there is no convention. Some suggestions were to hold TG meetings at Winter Ranger or End of Trail matches. Concerns were expressed that a meeting at a major match would lose the quality of a stand-alone meeting. Matches have a lot of things going on and trying to squeeze a quality meeting in would be difficult. Other suggestions were to meet only every two years instead of annually. A suggestion was made to make the TG group smaller. Possibly having a single TG representing a state. Additional concerns were expressed about TG apathy. Many clubs were not represented and that leaves a lot of SASS members without representation. The suggestion was made to hold a stand-alone TG meeting that was one or two days with not additional distractions. This could be held at various locations. Misty welcomed suggestions for future meetings and TG’s that are not present can contact her with their ideas and comments. She asked how many felt that life membership should remain a requirement to be a TG. Approximately 65% felt that it should be a requirement. What additional requirements should be there? Example a SASS member for a number of years etc. She asked the TG to let her know what criteria there should be to become a TG. BLACK JACK ZAK


    1) Definition of “Designer Jeans” (Outlawed item) – “Designer Jeans” refers to those modern jeans that have slogans or logos embroidered, silk screened and such, saying things like “PINK” or “BABY”. (Jeans with fancy or flashy adornments are acceptable)

    2) Welding the firing pin in the bolt of a rifle so as to cause a “slam-fire” situation when levering the action (without the need to manipulate the trigger or hammer) is an ILLEGAL MODIFICATION subject to DISQUALIFICATION PENALTIES. REF: SHB p.4

    3) Definition of “short sleeve shirt” for men’s clothing: A shirt with sleeves that do NOT extend to the wrist. Note: Rolling up a long sleeve shirt is acceptable, but fastening a rolled up shirt sleeve in place is the same as short sleeve; either of which are Outlawed/Prohibited and subject to DQ penalties.

    4) Regarding the CRO/TO’s command of “CEASE FIRE” or “STOP”, and a failure of the shooter to comply with this command, the language will be changed to read “…..the shooter WILL receive a MDQ ……”. Should the voting item be passed the shooter WILL receive a SDQ for not complying with the CRO/TO “cease fire” or “stop command”. The Range Command of “Cease Fire” or “Stop” as given by the CRO/TO must be followed by the shooter, as it may have serious safety consequences.

    5) The point at which the “failure to adhere to loading/unloading procedure” SDQ applies is as follows: “Once control of the firearm(s) is relinquished, be it in a rack on the stage or at the shooter’s gun cart. (i.e. leaves the shooter’s hands)”

    6) The only ammunition you can use on the stage is ammunition you initially bring to the line – you can’t run to your cart for ammunition or even to get another firearm. In other words, you can’t leave the “firing line” (as defined in the RO1 “Glossary of Terms”) once you start the stage, and until all firearms have been verified as clear.

    7) The action of a CRO/TO saving a long gun from falling over, still results in a penalty for the shooter. Basically if the CRO/TO had not been present to save the shooter from a penalty such as this, and the long gun would have fallen over regardless, then the penalty would still apply. The CRO/TO was just there to save the firearm from getting dirt on it! Note: This is the only way to apply a penalty such as this, as some TOs may not be able to save the rifle from falling, and it would not be fair for those shooters who receive the penalty purely because of the action / inaction of their particular TO.

    8) Revolvers (loaded or empty) that fall to the ground while holstered (e.g. gun belt buckle breaks) is a NO CALL, provided they remain holstered. The SHB and RO Manuals will be revised to read: “A dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line (from the loading table to the unloading table) results in the shooter’s disqualification from the stage. A dropped loaded firearm results in a match disqualification. A shooter may not pick up a dropped firearm. The Range Officer will recover the firearm, examine it, clear it, and return it to the shooter. This does NOT apply to holstered revolvers that remain “in leather” in the event of an equipment failure (e.g. broken belt buckle) causing the gun/ammo belt to fall. Shooters may safely recover a fallen gun/ammo belt and continue finishing the stage without penalty. SHB p.25/RO1 p.18″

    9) All rounds (live or empty) from the firearm in question MUST be cleared before the next gun of the stage is fired (or before leaving the shooter’s hands if it’s the last gun of the stage). This applies to all types of long guns. The language of the rule as written, “…of the gun in which it was loaded…” gives the clarification regarding a rifle round falling into the shotgun, which would be a NO CALL. In a different situation, if a shotgun hull comes out of a 97 but falls back in the port as the shotgun is put down and then not cleared before then next firearm is cleared, it IS still a MSV(this includes empty rifle case falling off hat into open rifle action after being set down).

    10) Not bringing enough ammo to the line is NOT a “P” (just misses for un-fired rounds). The “P” in this case would only apply to ammo (like firearms) when not correctly staged on the line (e.g. on/in a prop), and not corrected by the shooter on the clock. The definitions in the SHB and RO Manuals will be revised to clarify. Voting results were read. adjourn 11:50 AM

    Saturday 12-05-15 SASS Forum with the Wild Bunch

    A lot of items were addressed and I will list the ones I took notes on here. The first item was about membership. SASS has issued over 103,000 numbers. This is not our membership number. There currently are 9768 Life members and 19,867 Annual members. There are a few other categories but the income for SASS is its annual membership. This means we have less than 20K members supporting the whole of the organization. Dues increased to $75/yr in part to help pay to bring back the Chronicle in print every quarter. This will cost $30K/yr just for the printing and does not include all the other services needed to publish a document like this. It is estimated to cost $240K/yr and will include the monthly digital version and will be part of the membership. The old Chronicle cost $650K/yr to publish which drove SASS into the red. Ads are the revenue driver in the publication and the ads decreased over time leaving a gap. Misty asked the audience how we get people to join SASS. Several programs are already available like SASS refer a friend, club membership program, and promotional materials are available. They are also talking about an individual membership program, likely based on the NRA program. There are also affiliated merchant programs to promote SASS. Misty talked about the process for choosing venues for the conferences. Long process that is settled two plus years out from the event. This convention had 350 attendees but needed at least 200 more. They tried to move the venue as recommended by the membership and did, to Branson and San Antonio but attendance did not increase but they did not lose that much money. Vegas is one of the most expensive because of dealing with the unions and they lost multiple 10’s of thousands of dollars, she did not say exactly. As of now there is not another event planned which means it won’t happen for likely two plus years out if they can justify having one at all.  What they will entertain is having the TG meetings at some location every year or two depending on need.